The Authors of Writes of Passage

The Authors of Writes of Passage

Thursday, January 15, 2009

God's Amazing Ways

I love to hear people talk about how God met a need before they even knew it existed. So often He lays all the groundwork and, in the perfect time, things fall into place. I want to share an email I received from a dear writing friend and prayer warrior, Connie Stevens. Connie lost her son Jonathan to cancer three years ago. He was a Marine, and his brave battle with cancer--as well as Connie's amazing faith in the face of such heartache--was an incredible inspiration to me. Read her email...

"An incredible thing happened this morning—so amazing that even now I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the way God uses the simplest things, and puts them in place long before we realize their significance. All I can do is stand in awe of Him.

"I clicked on my email this morning. There were several so I started at the bottom and worked my way up. One was from my agent. It was another rejection. I had pitched NEW MERCY (my cancer book) to a publisher in September. They finally got back to my agent, telling her the book was well written, and blah, blah, blah, but they didn’t feel they could take on this project at this time. I was disappointed and disheartened to say the least.

"I went on to the next email. It was from a friend who had forwarded a bunch of cute letters to God written by children. Instead of being typed into the body of the email, these were the actual scanned photos of the letters the children wrote, so we read them in the children’s own handwriting. As I scrolled down and read each one, they made me smile. Just what I needed after a stinging rejection. I scrolled down a little more to read the next one, and the next one.

"Then my heart stood still and my breath caught in my throat as I started reading one of the letters. I knew that handwriting.

"As I read, the letter was very familiar. I’d read it before—25 years ago. I scrolled down a little more to reveal the child’s name. It was Jonathan’s. I started shaking. It was a copy of a letter he wrote when he was in second grade. He was in a Christian school and his teacher instructed the class to write a letter to God. I still have the original. It’s in a box upstairs in the attic. It was a cute letter, telling God that if He hadn’t let the dinosaurs become extinct, we wouldn’t have a country. (He was 7.) His last sentence in the letter told God, 'You did the right thing.' (Doing the right thing was something I was trying to stress to Jonathan during that time.) It was cute then. Today it was miraculous.

"It was like hearing Jonathan’s voice from heaven telling me, 'Do the right thing, Mom. Don’t give up.'

"I have no idea how that letter got on the Internet. I have no idea why his second grade teacher made a copy of that letter and kept it. What boggles my mind is the way God used such a small thing, put in place so long ago, and brought this new friend into my life a few months ago and used her to send me this email this morning. I am awestruck by the lengths God will go just to bless me."

KIM AGAIN: Doesn't that just bless your socks off? Partly because of what God did, and partly because Connie so clearly recognizes this isn't happenstance, but God giving her encouragement at the exact moment she needed it, and in a very special, personal way.

Psalm 66: 5 says, “Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.” He is AWESOME in ALL His doing... What an amazing God we serve!

Connie and me with my granddaughter at the ACFW
booksigning in the Mall of America

May God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim

P.S.--When I go to Sonic...and I do, frequently...I order a Route 44 diet cherry limeade. :o)


  1. Oh my goodness, Kim. God just did it again. The scripture you used at the end of your post, Psalm 66: 5, was the scripture Jonathan used six weeks before he died. He was invited to give his testimony at a local church, and his message was "Come and see what God has done for me (Ps 66:5), and come and hear, and I will tell you all that God has done in my life. (Ps 66:16)"

    There's no way you could have known that before you wrote this blog. We serve an awesome God. I am overwhelmed by His incredible, unfailing, indiscribable love.

  2. Kim, I got goosebumps from your story. Thanks for sharing it. God is so good!

  3. Thank you for sharing this sweet, sweet story, Kim. God always knows just what we need when we need it - - He is truly AMAZING!!!! I have been blessed by reading Connie's experience.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  4. Wow, that just gave me goosebumps. God is so good and loving to all of us! Thank you for sharing. It made my day.

  5. Talk about goosebumps, I received that email today. He is totally amazing.


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