The Authors of Writes of Passage

The Authors of Writes of Passage

Monday, March 24, 2014

Please Welcome Another New Member of Our Blog Family

While it's difficult to say goodbye when folks leave, it is a whole lot of fun to say welcome when folks arrive. And we just know you're going to be excited to say welcome along with us to our newest blogger.

Can you guess who it is from the sliver below? (My sliver is bigger than Tammy's was of Deb so you may know that smile immediately!)

How about I give you a few clues from her official bio?
  • This bestselling author graduated from high school at sixteen and from college at twenty.
  • She finished her specialty degree (not telling what) at the age of twenty-seven.
  • She started writing her first novel just nine years ago and has since had sixteen books published.
  • She is a wife and a homeschooling mom.
  • And (not included in her official bio) she now has a serendipitous connection with George Clooney.

Have you guessed yet? That last clue will have given it away if you've read her latest book.

Okay, I won't drag this out any longer.

Welcome, Cara Putman!

I first met Cara at a writers' retreat (at least five years ago, perhaps a little longer), and she is every bit as sweet as she looks in her photograph. It has been fun to get to know her better over the years because of some email groups we are in together.

I was so excited when Cara answered my invitation to join our blog with a Yes. She is going to be such a lovely addition. And when she shares from her historical research, I know you're going to learn a lot. Look for her posts on Thursdays beginning in April.

Oh, and I'll let her tell you about that George Clooney connection herself.




  1. Well Robin, I didn't quite get Cara's name but I did get the first three letters of her name correct. I actually thought it might have been Carrie.:) A few of the names are now becoming familiar to me.LOL
    I'm looking forward to reading Cara's Posts. Do hope she'll be able to handle us all. Tell her we'll all be on our best behaviour! :)

  2. Cara - We are so excited to have you join us! After bumping into you several times at ACFW conferences, I feel like we already have the seeds of friendship sprouting. I look forward to having full-blown blooms on our vine soon. Welcome!!!

  3. Welcome, Cara! I'm so glad for the opportunity to blog with you and to to hear some of your thoughts and passions. You'll love it here.

  4. Welcome to Cara!! SO glad you're joining the Writes of Passage family (and I'm giggling at Rosie's comment about us behaving - - hmmmm....can't make any promises *wink*).

    This really is such a special blog, and I'm eager to read Cara's posts (I have your book A WEDDING TRANSPIRES ON MACKINAC ISLAND on my keeper shelf!).

    I met you at my very first ACFW Conference (in Minnesota) when you led the "first-time attendees" group - - I loved your enthusiasm!

    Again, so glad to have you here with these other AMAZING ladies!
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo : )

  5. Welcome, Cara! What a joy to have you in our group. Thanks again for allowing me to read an advance copy of Shadowed by Grace. I loved it! Well done, my friend.

  6. I am so excited to be here! Patti Jo, you are so sweet. So glad you enjoyed Mackinac Island. It love that place! Tammy, your kind words about Shadowed by Grace still help me feel like a writer. Can't wait to dive into A Beauty so Rare! Karen, excited to share Thursdays with you and get to know you better. Love your books and fantastic sense of humor! Lynn, delighted to get to write with you! Aussie, I love a happening place and this sounds like one!

  7. Oh Cara, you are so does all happen here, especially with our Tammy..she's so lovable and bouncy ..just like TIGGER(if any of you have read" Christopher Robin" and "Winnie Ther Pooh", by AA Milne, you'll know exactly what I mean LOL. A big welcome to you Cara good to have you on board!:)



  8. So glad you're here, Cara. Fun to be the newbie with you! :)

  9. That is Cara ~ could tell in the keyhole photo! Welcome, Cara Putman! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  10. Hooray! Welcome, Cara. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. So glad to have you here.

  11. Welcome, Cara! I recently won a copy of your Shadowed by Grace book. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, since my tutoring schedule is so very crazy right now. Hopefully soon!




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